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SLIPSTREAM: Heathrow Sculpture unveiled
An enormous 77-tonne aluminium artwork ‘Slipstream’ created by one of the UK’s leading sculptors, Richard Wilson, is likely to become the most viewed piece of public art in the UK. Slipstream is a simulation of a stunt plane's flight path and you can almost hear it soaring, twisting and diving through its home in the new £2.5bn Heathrow Terminal 2 building. Made in Hull, appropriately the next UK city of culture, Slipstream was manufactured in 23 separate pieces and carefully transported down to London, bit by bit, in June 2013. It was a massive team effort involving around 80 people including engineers, fabricators and computer simulators. At Slipstream's formal unveiling on Wednesday (24/04) Wilson said "I wanted it as a spectacle. I wanted that wow factor as a moment of seizing people's attention, once you've got it; people are then able to start digesting it. It was about making something memorable. I want people to say: My God I have arrived in London, the cultural capital of the world. " The chairman of Arts Council England, Sir Peter Bazalgette, called it "a really exciting and ambitious piece of work.” JM
Island Crisis: US will defend Japan
US president Barak Obama says Japan is in charge of the Senkaku islands and they are covered by a defence treaty with the US during his state visit to Japan. He warns against the challenge to Tokyo’s administration of Senkaku islands and declared that US is duty bound in the event of a conflict with China over a group of disputed islands in the East China Sea according to the post-war security treaty. During a joint press conference Obama said, “Our commitment to Japan’s security is absolute and article five [of the security treaty] covers all territories under Japan’s administration, including the Senkaku islands. Historically they’ve been administered by Japan and my hope is that Chinese will continue to engage with the US and other countries. We don’t take a position on this piece of land or this piece of rock but we do take a position on the peaceful resolution of these disputes.” On Wednesday a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman warned Japan-US alliance and said that China had "indisputable sovereignty" over the islands. The Senkakus is a source of rising tension between the two neighbors since 2012 when Japan effectively nationalized the uninhabited islands which sparked fury in China where protesters took to the streets in several cities, forcing the temporary closure of some Japanese businesses in the country. PR
UK UNIVERSITY: Male workers paid less
A university in Wales has been forced to award compensation to their male who were paid less than their female counterparts despite being same positions. Twenty-three male workers at the University of Wales, Trinity St David (UWTSD) sued for sexual discrimination. Including secretaries and office workers, male employees were deprived from their right to equal pay prompting the opposition male workers to launch legal action claiming sex discrimination. The original demand was for £736,000 but the UWTSD refused to pay the compensation and had initially argued that the pay difference was not due to gender but because of changes to the men's contracts. Paul Doran, the men's solicitor expected his clients to share a £500,000 payout. A university spokesman said: “We came to the view the original claim presented by staff to the former Swansea Metropolitan University had due merit and, as a result, an appropriate remedy should be agreed and actioned.”RA
FASHION INDUSTRY: A Real Revolution Needed
April 24 is the first anniversary of the Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza tragedy, in which a building of housing garment collapsed, leaving 1,134 dead and more than 2,500 injured. At least 800 children were orphaned. The day is to be marked by the first “Fashion Revolution Day,” arranged by ethical fashion organizations. But what about the improvement in garment sector in this one year? In recent months, several companies were compelled to improve their level and compensation for survivors. Several Bangladeshi factories have been forced to close for failing to meet health and safety standards. Most brands charge the consumer about five times what they pay at factory level. This means that most of the value of production lies not with those who make the goods, but with the brands who package, market and sell them. The 29 brands that sourced from factories in Rana Plaza boast combined profits of more than $22 billion a year, and are being asked to contribute less than 0.2 percent of that amount to compensate those whose labours generate the profits. Yet only a third of the International Labour Organisation-backed fund for victims. On the whole little within the sector has changed. What are we waiting for then? It might be for a similar kind of tragedy and another so called ‘Fashion Revolution Day. JM
HEALTH SYSTEM: North Korea suffering
Despite of the promise of Universal Health care drugs are too much expensive in North Korea. Across the country medical condition is too poor. It spreads widely self medication. A lot of people who are sick use ‘ice’ as a medicine though there are lots of imported medicines from China. The expense of medicine is very high. People believe that it happens after taking back expansion of North Korea by UN sanctions after nuclear threat. The downstream effects of this are food shortages, a shortage of domestically produced pharmaceuticals, breakdown of the sanitation system, shortage of medical supplies, a resurgence of infectious disease, and ultimately a rise in mortality and morbidity. Shin, a post-doctoral scholar at the University of California Los Angeles, said that there were clear signs that sanctions which supposed to target the country’s weapons programme and luxuries for its elite who had hit the broader economy. Shin said “The effect of sanctions is likely to be even stronger in a country like North Korea, where the state is the primary health provider for the population. Sanctions directly affect the state’s ability to maintain a strong health infrastructure.”RA
SYRIA : Election Over Blood
ON MONDAY (21/04) Parliament Speaker Jihad Laham announced a presidential election in Syria on June 3. Laham said, Syrians living outside of the country may start voting on May 28. Though it was not clear whether he included more than 2.5 million refugees in neighbouring states. It is believed that the aim of the election is to give President Bashar Assad legitimacy in the midst of a civil war that has killed more than 150,000 people and driven a third of the population from their homes. The elections announcement came just hours after a pair of mortar shells struck some 100 meters from the parliament building in central Damascus which is under firm government control, killing five people. The announcement raises questions about credibility of the election within the deeply divided country .The opposition and the United States denounced the vote as a farce. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also criticized the announcement. Opposition activist Ahmad Alqusair says, "Unfortunately, unfortunately, unfortunately, in the elections on June 3, Bashar Assad would be holding elections over the blood of Syrians. If we are being blockaded from even eating bread, how can I vote?" JM
New generation: Losing faith in North Korean regime
North Koreans in Yanji in northern China are more free to talk about the situation back home – but still fear for their families if their faces are shown. They are always tensed with the situation. A silly example is enough to show their problem. Chae Un-ee is lucky, lucky by the sense if her husband or children can slip away unnoticed to the riverside, nearer the Chinese phone masts – she can talk to her family each day. “Talk” is perhaps an exaggeration; her loved ones end the call, made on a smuggled handset and SIM card, almost as soon as it begins. It is done very quick otherwise the phone can be tracked down. It’s mainly just to hear their voice and know that they’re okay-she said. It is still a totalitarian state controlling everything of their citizens like livelihood, viewing habits and even haircuts even after six decades of its creation. “Twenty years ago North Korea was better. Life was comfortable and people didn’t have bad thoughts. Now everybody is angry,” said Chae, 50. “Those who say they want a better life inside North Korea – I think they’re just laying, People say ‘If you believe, you will just suffer.” No one would dare to speak this way to a foreigner inside North Korea. “I wonder how things will be in future; will they be harder or improve a little bit? I think they’ll just get worse,” said Kim Myong-eul.PR
REPORTEDLY HUNT: Saudi prince extinct 2100 migrated birds
During a safari in Pakistan it was permitted for Saudi royal to hunt 100 houbara bustards birds in ten days. But it is claimed that the royal prince misuse the authenticity of hunting. But it is questions that how he gets the permission while these are forbidden to hunt. How and from which sense the forest ministry gives the permission to Saudi Royal. Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud hunted a total of 1,977 birds, which are globally protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species; an additional 123 bustards were killed by local representatives, bringing the hunt’s death total to 2,100. Each year, the bird makes its annual migration from Central Asia to the deserts of Pakistan, where wealthy elites and Arab royalty often travel to for poaching season. Tasneem Aslam, from Pakistan's ministry of foreign affairs, told “Arab dignitaries have been coming for hunting for decades and decades – it's a longstanding tradition." RA
EVEREST AVALANCHE: Exploitation of Sherpas
ANGER GROWS among the Sherpas at their exploitation. Sherpas feel they do not get a fair share of climbing royalties but are expected to take a disproportionate amount of the risk. An avalanche on Mount Everest early on Friday has killed at least 12 local climbers. It has raised concerns in Nepal about the scale of the climbing business and the dangers to the Sherpa guides. Demonstrations are planned before the funerals take place this week. Sherpas have also been angered by the government offering families of the victims $400 (£238) which will only cover funeral costs. Sherpas are an ethnic group in Nepal and have helped foreigners climb the country's towering peaks. Nepalese government earns a huge amount of money from the mountaineers around the world. This year 334 climbers from around the world were given permits, costing $10,000 each, to climb Everest. Mingma Sherpa of Seven Summits Treks said,“there would be no Sherpa involvement in mountaineering in the future if their social security concerns were ignored. Sherpas are the backbone of Mount Everest expeditions but the government neglects them.We the Sherpas strongly urge the government to immediately act to support the families of deceased Sherpas. A permanent mechanism at government level is required." JM
REVOLUTIONARY ATTEMPT: Haryana allows inter-caste marriages
In this 21st century people are becoming modern to post-modern; who think in different way. And very interestingly this age affects the people of Haryana state of India to think separately. On Sunday Haryana's biggest khap panchayat called by Satrol khap in Hisar announced the permission to inter-caste marriages. It is really surprising that in these days it was forbidden to marry by own choice whereas marriage is the sign of love. Before Sunday in Harayana many people were bound to marry just to maintain the cast system and follow the tradition. Not only that but also marriages within the same village and immediate bordering villages remain banned. Same-gotra marriages too remain barred, and the weddings can take place only with parental consent in Haryana. These rules have led to persecution of couples, suicides, honor killings and caste conflicts in rural belts, and even forced bachelors to get brides from other states. The largest number of killings has occurred owing to inter-caste marriages. But people hope that this reformation of the previous rule will bring good luck for the new generation. Satrol khap president Inder Singh Subedar said “This will bring revolutionary change in Haryana." RA
Prime Minister: David Cameron accused of fostering division
British Prime Minister David Cameron accused of fostering division in UK says campaigners. His reference to Britain as a Christian country has negative consequences, they added. More that 50 prominent public figures including novelists, diplomats, Nobel Prize winners and playwrights have accused him of fostering divisions in the UK. Signatories to the letter say that Britain is not a Christian country. They respect Cameron’s own religious belief but "object to his repeated mischaracterising of our country as a 'Christian country' and the negative consequences for our politics and society that this view engenders".In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, they assert: "Apart from in the narrow constitutional sense that we continue to have an established church, we are not a 'Christian country'. Most of us as individuals are not Christian in our beliefs or our religious identities and at a social level, Britain has been shaped for the better by many pre-Christian, non-Christian, and post-Christian forces. It needlessly fuels enervating sectarian debates that are by and large absent from the lives of most British people, who – as polls show – do not want religions or religious identities to be actively prioritised by their elected government."Among them there were the novelist Maureen Duffy, the Nobel prize-winning scientist Sir John Sulston, the scientist Sir John Blundell and the former diplomat Sir Richard Dalton.PR
Kingdom Tower: Saudi Arabia going to worthy of world’s tallest tower
World’s massive kingdom tower is initiated to be built in Saudi Arabia. It is expected to cost a whopping $1.23 billion. According to the Saudi Gazette, the tower will require 5.7 million square feet of concrete, 80,000 tons of steel. It is going to be situated in Jeddah along the coast of the Red Sea. It is about a 98-foot terrace and expected on the 157th floor with the feature of a five-star Four Seasons hotel, apartments, office space and an observatory. From next week the work will begin. But constructing the tower is not without its many challenges. Firstly, the tower's structure needs to be able to withstand the saltwater of the nearby ocean. Secondly, wind load will be a problem for this gargantuan building, so the tower will change shape regularly to counter it. But the design architects told “because it changes shape every few floors, the wind loads go round the building and won't be as extreme as on a really solid block." The director of the Council of Tall Buildings, Sang Dae Kim told that at this point in time they can build a tower that is one kilometer, maybe two kilometres and any higher than that. Though, it is also a problem delivering concrete to the higher floors. RA
IRAN: Inhuman Public Execution Turned Into Mercy
BALAL WAS about to take his last breath. Guards already pushed him towards the gallows for a public execution. According to the sharia law of retribution, the victim's family were to participate in Balal's punishment by pushing the chair on which he stood. Suddenly the victim's mother approached, slapped Balal in his face and then decided to forgive her son's killer. The victim's father removed the noose and killer’s life was spared. Seven years ago Balal(20) stabbed Abdollah Hosseinzadeh(18) during a street brawl in a small city Mazandaran province. Iran is criticised for its public executions, which have attracted children among the crowds in the past and Iranian photographers are often allowed to document them. Moreover In recent years Iran has faced criticism from human rights activists for its high rate of executions. At least 369 executions were officially acknowledged by the Iranian authorities in 2013, but Amnesty said the actual number close to 700 while hundreds more people were put to death in secret.JM
Infectious rate: the rate of patients’ infection getting high
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence describes the rate of infections in hospitals as unacceptably high. One in every 16 people treated at an NHS hospital fall ill with an infection, according to a government health agency report. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence said the rate of infections, which are a very real threat to patients' lives. Infections can occur in healthy people, especially if they are undergoing invasive surgery or using catheters or tubes inserted into veins. Children, the elderly and the ill are even more susceptible. While steps have been taken to reduce infection rates of hospital bugs such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile, other infection rates are still too high. A spokeswoman said that doctors and nurses must redouble hygiene efforts to bring the rates down. Carol Pellowe, senior lecturer at Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and member of the committee that developed the standards told "This quality standard will promote best practice in infection prevention and control and by providing key areas for action, encourage organisations to sustain their efforts in ensuring patient safety." RA
Ukraine Crisis: Pro-Russian militias killed in Ukrainian military base
At least three pro-Russian militia were killed and 13 injured in clashes with Ukrainian troops in the south-east city of Mariupol on Wednesday night. Interior minister Arsen Avakov said on Thursday that the separatists were killed during an attempt to storm a Ukrainian base by some 300 people, armed with guns and petrol bombs. None of the interior ministry troops defending the base on the Sea of Azov were injured, Avakov said on his Facebook page. "After attackers threw incendiary devices and molotov cocktails at the military unit and opened fire at guard posts; the national guards fired warning shots,"-he added. His statement reveals that only when the attack continued did the soldiers turn their weapons directly on the assailants, Avakov stated. Sixty-three people were detained and security officials confiscated weapons, communication devices and "Russian cell phones". The operation was still ongoing with additional police patrolling the port city and Special Forces being helicoptered in as reinforcements during his statement. Nevertheless Ukraine is hoping to placate Russia and calm hostilities with its neighbor while US wants to punish Moscow. Ukraine's foreign minister, Andrii Deshchytsia said, "I think we still have a chance to de-escalate the situation using diplomatic means, and we are trying hard." But due to the pro-Russian uprising in its eastern region bordering Russia, Barak Obama’s administration is preparing additional sanctions against Moscow and a boost in aid for the Ukrainian military in the coming days, US officials said Wednesday.PR
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