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Colombia: Top drug hitman is freed
The head of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's hitmen, a confessed murderer nicknamed "Popeye," was released from prison after serving 22 years of a 30-year sentence. He confessed to killing 300 people and organizing the killings of 3,000 others in the 1980s and 1990s. Now aged 52, "Popeye" Velasquez has confessed in numerous media interviews to crimes ranging from kidnapping former president Andres Pastrana to murdering his own girlfriend, all on his late boss' orders. He was granted "conditional release... for a trial period of 52 months and 22.7 days," He left the Combita high-security prison under heavy police escort. RK
UK: David Cameron faces competition
With a political headache David Cameron returns to work at Downing Street from his Cornish holiday on Wednesday. His two great foes – one within and one outside the Conservative party – embarked on the first steps of a possible journey to Westminster. While Boris Johnson has been burnishing Eurosceptic credentials and putting his name forward to stand in the safe west London seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Farage, who led Ukip to victory in the recent European parliamentary elections, will also face a battle to win a parliamentary seat. He also served notice on Labour, claiming that his party was now "tearing strips of the old Labour vote" RK
LABOUR: Shadow Minister Appointed to Tackle Violence against Women andGirls
Seema Malhotra is the first MP from any party to be appointed as a shadow minister for preventing violence against women and girls. The move demonstrates Labour's commitment to tackling domestic violence and related issues and if Labour wins the general election, there will be a Home Office minister for preventing violence against women and girls. Malhotra, a former management consultant and founder of the Fabian Women's said, “There was a real need for the government to take this issue more seriously. The level of violence against women in Britain, and indeed the world, is shocking." The government has published its own strategy for ending violence against women and girls, but there is not a minister in the Home Office focusing solely on this issue. JM
Slow Loris : Vulnerable Primate Finds New Home in UK
A vulnerable primate The Bengal slow loris has been flown more than 5,000 miles from the Maldives to start a new life in Britain. The nocturnal species no larger than a bag of sugar was housed in a birdcage on Dhoonidhoo, also known as "prison island", for eight months. Officers were searching a suitable new home for Kalo; they named the loris believed to be male. Alison Cronin, Director of the Ape Rescue Centre at Monkey World in Dorset said "It would have been a huge loss if a healthy, vulnerable animal had to be destroyed. Organisations like ours will provide support and assistance to ensure that endangered species aren't allowed to die off." The animal will spend the next four months in quarantine at Monkey World. It is then expected to begin a new life at the Shaldon Wildlife Trust in Devon, with a new friend, a slow loris called Doris, who has been without a companion since she arrived in the UK 15 years ago. JM
Libya Crisis: Foreign help needed to defeat IS
Foreign minister Mohamed Abdel Aziz has requested foreign help to defeat an alliance of Islamist militias who seized Tripoli on Sunday. He said immediate foreign assistance was essential to the future of the country as Islamic militants are now stronger than the government itself. "Without this protection, without the expertise to enable the government to be able to deliver goods to the people, it will be difficult to talk about smooth transition from the revolution to building a state with a rule of law and viable government." he added. Four senior American officials have suggested that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates had secretly teamed up to launch air strikes against Islamist militias in Tripoli. But Egypt has denied any involvement and the UAE has not commented. RK
Ukraine: President calls for early polls
Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko dissolved parliament on Monday calling for early elections on October 26 as his country continues to grapple with a pro-Russian insurgency in the east. In a statement, Poroshenko said "The new parliament will be elected on October 26, 2014." The dissolution of Ukraine's parliament has been widely expected after the ruling coalition collapsed more than a month ago and Poroshenko promised on August 1 to hold new polls in the coming months, rather than in 2017. The president on Monday also accused some lawmakers of supporting the pro-Russian rebellion in the east of the country, where over 2,200 people have been killed in the past four months. RK
Clive Palmer: Apology for ‘mongrels’ remark
Following the widespread criticism over televised comments, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has apologised for calling the Chinese government "mongrels". He has apologised in a letter to China’s ambassador to Australia for "any insult to the Chinese people caused by any of the language I used". The mining tycoon Mr Palmer is an MP and his party holds the power in the state. Referring to his comment Chinese embassy acknowledged that Mr Palmer's remarks did not represent the views of the Australian government, parliament and people. Any remarks attacking or slandering China would not gain support and were doomed to failure. Mr Palmer made his comments in an interview last week with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. PR
Football: Man City beats Liverpool
Man City once again beats the English giant Liverpool by 3-1 Etihad Stadium. Man City achieved the victory following two goals from Stevan Jovetic plus one from the substitute Sergio Agüero which was answered only by a Pablo Zabaleta own-goal. Liverpool are in a period of transition with nine new signings this summer following the departure of Luis Suarez to Barcelona. Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini said, “We worked the whole game and played a very good team. Liverpool is an important team and one that will be fighting for the title.’’ PR
JAPAN : Ebola Drug
Japan is ready to provide a Japanese-developed anti-influenza drug as potential treatment to fight the rapidly expanding Ebola outbreak. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Monday (25/8) that Japan can offer the anti-influenza tablet favipiravirany time at the request of the World Health Organization. The drug, developed by a Fujifilm subsidiary Toyama Chemical Co. to treat novel and re-emerging influenza viruses, was approved by the Japanese health ministry in March. The company has favipiravir stock for more than 20,000 patients.Ebola has killed more than 1,400 people in West Africa in the latest outbreak. Suga said Japan is watching for WHO's decision on further details over the use of untested drugs. In case of an emergency, Japan may respond to individual requests even before further any decision by the WHO. JM
FRANCE : Government Dissolved
President François Hollande told his Prime Minister Manuel Valls, to form a new cabinet "consistent with the direction he has set for the country. It creates a fresh political crisis in the country. The move came after the economy minister, Arnaud Montebourg, criticised the country's economic direction saying, "a major change in our economy policy" was needed from the president and prime minister.” Valls himself has not reacted, his aides said on Sunday that Montebourg had crossed a line. The presidency said the new cabinet lineup would be announced on Tuesday (26/8). JM
Brazil: prisoners decapitated
In Brazil rioters in a jail in the southern city of Cascavel have killed four fellow inmates and injured several others. Police said two of the victims were decapitated and others were pushed from the roof of the building, two of whom died. The conflict began on Sunday morning and at least 700 prisoners are involved in the uprising. The prisoners are said to be unhappy about food and hygiene there. The rioting prisoners have covered their faces with improvised balaclavas. Negotiations are under way to put an end to the uprising, which has led to the destruction of most of the penitentiary. RK
India: Temple stampede kills 10
A stampede killed at least 10 people and injured more than 60 in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh early Monday (25/08) as pilgrims gathered at a temple. Thousands of devotees had gathered near the temple to celebrate a festival called the Somvati Amavasya. Police inspector general Pawan Srivastava told "Some of the pilgrims who were walking fell on the ground ... and this triggered a panic," but it is still not clear what sparked the stampede. A senior police official said some people fell to the ground and this triggered panic. Hindu festivals in India are notorious for deadly stampedes. RK
Sad demise: Richard Attenborough dies aged 90
Oscar-winning British film director Richard Attenborough has died at the age of 90, his son confirmed. He was one of Britain's leading actors, before becoming a highly successful director. In a six decades career, he appeared in films including Brighton Rock, World War Two prisoner of war thriller The Great Escape and later in dinosaur blockbuster Jurassic Park. Sir Ben Kingsley said, "When he gave me the part of Gandhi it was with great grace and joy. He placed in me an absolute trust and in turn I placed an absolute trust in him and grew to love him." Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg said, "He was a dear friend and I am standing in an endless line of those who completely adored him." PR
Belgian Grand Prix: Nico Rosberg could punish
Nico Rosberg could face punishment from Formula 1 bosses after Lewis Hamilton claimed the German admitted to deliberately colliding with him. Hamilton claims in a meeting with Mercedes officials that Rosberg did it on purpose. Only the FIA, has the power to re-open a case if further evidence comes to light. Hamilton said, "He said he could have avoided it, but he didn't want to." A senior figure in F1 described the clash as "a little incident with fairly profound consequences". Rosberg issued a statement following the meeting with Mercedes officials, "I didn't see any risk in overtaking, or trying to overtake, so why should I not try? The opportunity was there even without DRS because I was so much quicker, so I gave it a go.’’ PR
Football: Cameroonian striker has died after being hit by object
Cameroonian football player Albert Ebosse(24) died Saturday after he was hit by a projectile thrown from the stands following his team's loss in the Algerian football championship. He was declared dead after rushing to a hospital at Tizi Ouzou, east of the capital Algiers, where the match took place. He scored the lone goal for his club JS Kabylie in the home match in what turned out to be a 2-1 defeat against USM Alger. Fans had started throwing objects from the stands inside the Tizi Ouzou stadium after the match .Ebosse joined JS Kabylie in 2013, and was best scorer in the 2013-2014 championship with 17 goals. The Algerian interior ministry ordered an investigation to search for the culprit. RK
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